What People Are Saying

..I felt like a castaway on a lonely island of grief until I “miraculously “ came to find Nancy’s and Anastasia’s podcasts! Listening to them, I related with many of trials and tribulations that she had experienced, even some “woah” moments in which our lives paralleled each other’s exactly!

Nancy is so easy to listen to, like your favorite girlfriend or neighbor lady. She’s very positive even though she might be crying while she’s talking, she is a beacon of light for all of us who are walking around in this fog!
Even in talking about suicide, she goes right to the beauty of it.....to tell us about the beautiful moments attached to death.

Finally I found someone who gets it!
Nancy and Anastasia make you feel like you belong to a sacred, privileged club, where you can enjoy these glimpses into heaven and speak freely about them.
I feel like I have a purpose again. I feel like I have a friend.
— Laura Jacobson
As someone who has also lost a child, Nancy’s story deeply resonated with my soul. Her willingness to be open, honest, and share her story and her boys with us so boldly was powerful in a way you can only understand by listening to it yourself. My heart so deeply appreciated Nancy’s ability to articulate her journey with her beautiful boys, which somehow left me with a greater understanding of what love truly is. Nancy paints a picture of the utmost heartbreak, while simultaneously leaving you with an undeniable sense that the world is still a beautiful place. Her journey is one that I would wish on no one, but it is one that will move mountains. Nancy is an incredible woman, and the story of her boys is going to change lives in ways we will never understand.
— Bethany Hutson, AllThePassionStrings.com